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Can't get new apple watch to work with telstra one number

Hi - hoping someone can help me here cause my faith on Telstra support is just 0.000 after my experience over the last few days. 


I had an apple watch series 3 that I replaced earlier this week. I got a new watch series 6. The previous watch was working fine with Telstra one number. I unpaired and reset back to factory the old watch. When I tried to pair the new  one, I found that I cannot configure the mobile plan for the watch (telstra one number) 

I am getting this error message "this service needs an update to use telstra one number". Reading through some forums and articles I see some notes about "mobile protect" but I don't have this service. Also, I see some things about reseting your network settings but I have tried that. I have also rebooted both watch and phone multiple times and still no joy. I tried resetting the new watch back to factory and repeat the whole process: no joy either. 


I spent about 2 hours the other day with some support guy and they couldn't understand the issue, even though half internet seem to have seen this, apparently. They told me a L2 support guy will call me next day, they didn't. They finally called me today (Saturday) but I didn't pick up as I didn't have my phone with me and they left a  voice message literally doing these 2 things: (I promise I am not joking) 


1) asking whether the issue was still present. [really??? what do you expect Telstra? the issue to fix itself?]


2) burping twice whilst leaving the message [not joking, the guy literally did this, almost feels like a joke as if the guy was trying to impersonate Homer Simpson.]


... so unprofessional and poor support, I hope some senior guys on Telstra see this and notice how embarrassing the situation should be for them...


Hopefully, another soul in this forum has seen this issue too and know how to help. Looking forward to that and many thanks in advance.  

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Re: Can't get new apple watch to work with telstra one number

There was a recent thread with some methodology detailed for connecting the Apple Watch series 6, that could assist you.

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