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Change of order

Hi I recently ordered a new iPhone but when the page refreshed it defaulted to green in colour when I wanted black. I saw I had 12 hours to submit the change request which I did within 45 minutes but have been told the order can’t be changed to black. I am disappointed with this as I have been a Telstra customer for many years.  Why can’t this be changed? 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Change of order

If the order has progressed through the system to the logistics company, then it can't be changed.

The problem exists around the timing of when you submit the form and when it is processed (as it requires human intervention). If you place the order outside of normal business hours (or close to the end of the day), then the form may not be looked at until 12 hours has already elapsed.


While the reduced staffing is in place, they should probably have a rule that changes are not permitted. That way people know to be extra careful with their orders.


What I would do (given that you lodged the form in time) is to lodge a formal complaint via and see if they can assist. In the meantime, if you have an Apple Store close by, contact them and ask them if you can change it over in store if you get stuck with the wrong colour.

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