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Delayed Order

So I completely understand that there are delays with device deliveries due to COVID-19 etc but I’m starting to get really concerned with where my new device is.


I upgraded my plan on the 27th of March and got the order confirmation email. On the 3rd of April I contacted Telstra and they confirmed the phone was with Star Track. Keep in mind the Star Track site always came up with an error when trying to check the progress for the delivery.


I finally got a hold of the consignment number on the 13th of April and have been talking to Star Track’s customer care for the last two days. Just today they have asked me to raise an enquiry with Telstra in relation to the whereabouts of my order.


I can’t help but feel like they’re passing the buck onto each other. I’m getting told conflicting things and I’m starting to lose a bit of patience.


Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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Re: Delayed Order

Hi cperez28,


There are quite a few bottlenecks at the moment, some thing I have ordered in the past few weeks are taking 10 days or more.


You can track your Telstra order online, have you tried that? See:



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Re: Delayed Order

Hi Palpatine,


Thanks for your message. On the Telstra side of things, my order is coming up as completed. I’ve even had the bonus points added to my rewards account.


I was on a live chat with one of the reps last night and he believes that the device I’m after is out of stock (iPhone 11 Pro Space Grey 64gb) and that my order needs to be escalated. So I guess that is what the issue was this whole time. What annoys me is that earlier on I was advised that Star Track had the product but It seems like they never did.


The only thing I can do now is just wait and see.

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