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Do you have any tips or tricks for iPhones?

Hi everyone,


Reading the posts here on CrowdSupport and some of the other places we venture it is apparent that people come across lots of ways to speed up and simplify the way they interact with their phones. I have included some tips for using the iPhone below, some might be well known to you others not so.


Do you have any other tips or tricks for the iPhone that you can share?



1) Creating a Home Screen iCon for any regular visited webpage that doesn't have its own app.

Simply load up the site you’re interested in and then press the “+” or  on the bottom of the screen. Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.


2) Shortcut text!

For people that might frequently use the same phrases, they can create their own short cut words. For example “OMW” is already set and typing this will expand to “On my way!”. Another shortcut I use is  “IMCL” which will type for me “In a meeting, will call you later”, or things like email addresses or phone numbers.


Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and look for Shortcuts after you scroll down just a bit. Then just enter the phrase and appropriate shortcut, and the next time you type that shortcut the phrase will appear.


3) Double tap for Full stop!

When typing a message, rather than pressing full stop and then space, simply tap the space twice and the iPhone will do it for you.


4) Tap to the top.

Rather than having to scroll to the top or emails or WebPages, you can tab the top of the screen (on the clock) and it will zoom to the top for you.


5) Taking a screen shot.

Take a photo of what is on screen by pressing the Home and Lock button at the same time



I look forward to seeing what others have found



Ben B
Telstra Digital Sales & Service

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Re: Do you have any tips or tricks for iPhones?

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Re: Do you have any tips or tricks for iPhones?

Can you kindly assist. I can't forward my messages on my I phone 5, the is no foward Icon I'm not sure what I did wrong

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