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eSIM Transfer

Is anyone having issues transferring eSIMs to new phones?

Gold Member Support have been completely useless in the 4 days since contacting them via Telstra app.

The thread has gone like this:


Wed 29th Sept


1. Message to support regarding issue associated with transferring eSIM at 5.09pm

2. Pre-canned response regarding process to transfer eSIM via Telstra app

3. Advised support steps have been attempted but transfer not working. Technical difficulties message being received.

4. Another pre-canned response with steps to transfer eSIM via Telstra app

5. Advised again steps are still not working, same error message

6. Support asks for phone to be restarted.

7. Phone restarted, same issue

8. Support asks for details of error message.

9. Error message details provided again to Support

10. Support asks if I'm trying to transfer an eSIM or order a new SIM

11. Advised Support preference is to transfer eSIM

12. Phone model and platform version provided to Support

13. Support provides details of how to add cellular plan on new phone.

14. Advised Support I can see plan to transfer but there is an unavailable to transfer message in IOS.

15. Support asks for Telsta app to be reinstalled

16. App reinstalled, same error message received when attempting to use the app's eSIM transfer menu option

17. Support asks if I can see plan to transfer again on new phone, advised again plan is unavailable to transfer

18. I ask Support if I can set up eSIM from scratch by scanning QR code

19. Support advises to scan a QR code, something that has not been sent to me. At this point chat has been going for 2 hours 15 min

20. Advised Support QR code has not been sent.

21. Support tells me again I can configure eSIM via scanning QR code but same steps are supplied that have been attempted multiple times without success.

22. Advised Support that I now receive a message advising I have no more attempts to transfer and further attempts are not possible due to it being locked.

23. Support asks me to elaborate on the message

24. Advise Support that there is no more information available, there is no error code.

25. Support asks me to attempt to transfer eSIM again despite locked message. Support escalates, 2 hours 43 min into chat.

26. Pre-canned response received advising this issue will be sorted out and regret inconvenience caused....

27. Support asks for the mobile number for the service associated with the eSIM. Wow, just wow. It just goes downhill from here.

28.  Support asks from the issue to be restated. Details are provided.

29. Support asks for address to be confirmed. Details provided, highlighted that this information should be available to them via my Telstra profile but anyway...

30. 4 hours 21 min into chat. Support asks if I'm able to make or receive calls. Replied obviously not on new phone as no SIM has been installed (the point of transferring the eSIM.

31. Support advises there is an outage in my area and asks how many signal bars on the phone. Checking Telstra outages, there is no outage and replied there's 3 out of 4 bars. Phone is also connected via wifi in any case.

32. Support asks what am I using to download or manage eSIM. Replied using app on phone.

33. Support asks what issues I'm experiencing. Seriously, doesn't the chat history provide that information. For clarity, problem stated again, while attempting to transfer an eSIM received a technical difficulties error, now the process is locked. 

34. Support again provides same steps to transfer eSIM via Telstra app that have been attempted multiple times. Again advise that receive a message that any further attempts to transfer will be blocked.

35. Support advises that this is the only way to transfer eSIM

36. Chat now going for 5 hours. Radio silence from Support.

37. Support responses after 20 min, asking again for error message details. it really goes downhill from here.

38. Support ask if I'm receiving a system under maintenance message. Replied no, state again the messages I've received.

39. Support asks to check for updates to Telstra app despite previously advising that app had been reinstalled.

40. 5 hours 49 min into chat receive another pre-canned response on steps to follow to transfer an eSIM despite advising numerous times this has not worked.

41. Support again ask for an error code, again advise that no error code is visible.

42. Ask Support if they can see account/eSIM process status in locked-out state. No response to this question. 

42. Support apologises for miscommunication by the previous agent, message of assurance problem will be sorted.

43. 6 hours 20 min. Receive message indicating eSIM dispatch to service address is required. Support ask me whether I want to proceed with eSIM dispatch. Advise yes, please send given it's impossible for the eSIM to be transferred.

44. 6 digit PIN successfully sent to my mobile

45. 7 hours 20 min I get a message asking if I want to transfer the eSIM. Hello, has anyone there read through the chat history? Appalling customer service.

46. Ask when will it arrive but was advised by Support that it would be sent via email or SMS.

47. Support advise update will be available following day. It's now 12.36am


Fri 1st Oct


48. Message support Fri 9.42am asking for an update.

49. Support asks if I have received a replacement SIM, advise no

50. 10.42am, Support advises that they have submitted the request for SIM replacement and it will be ready in 2-3 business days. Asked why it had not already been submitted, again more technical difficulties.

51. Support advises to wait for tomorrow.

52. Support again advise QR code is available via Telstra app despite chat history indicating otherwise.

53. 11.32am Support again advise to wait until tomorrow and QR code will be sent to my email address. Email address was not confirmed.


Sat 2nd Oct


54. 11.19am, message Support using if QR code will be sent via email today. Receive 2 pre-canned responses that have nothing to do with the issue. Ask Support to again reply to the question regarding whether I'll receive a QR code today.

55. Support asks for my mobile number

56. 12.03pm Support have still not answered the question

57. Support asks to confirm address, they provide an old address that has not been valid since 2013. Telstra profile including address is up to date. Just unbelievable.

58. Support again asks me what I'm using to download or manage eSIM. Same question asked multiple times.

59. 12.33pm Support again asks me for what error I'm experiencing. Again reply that Support person should check the chat history as this information has been provided multiple times.

60. Support asks me to confirm email address, an old email address is provided, again not the one I have in my Telstra profile. This information should not need to be provided. No response to question regarding why information in Telstra profile is not being used.

61. 12.40pm. Support try sending a PIN to my mobile, not received.

62. Support advises there's a service issue in my area. I get someone else to send me a text, this is successfully received proving there is no outage in my area.

62. 1.00pm. Support asks me to confirm mobile model. Confirm it's an iPhone Xs moving to an iPhone 13

62. Support escalates to a specialist team. 

63. 1.56pm. Ask Support what the SLA is for specialist team response. Receive non specific response "quickly", not quantified.

64. 3.22pm. Still no call or response from specialist team, no estimated time to respond let alone resolution is provided. 

65. 3.31pm. Support advises I'll receive a call in 24 hours.


Sun 3rd Oct


66. 3.41pm. Message Support asking why no-one has been in contact with me as promised within 24 hours

67. Support now advises timeframe is 24-48 hours. Totally unacceptable

68. 4.12pm Support advises to call 132200 if it is urgent. Wow, again just absolutely no idea given the evidence in the chat history.

69. Support advises first timeframe is within 24-48 hours and another is 78 hours. Clearly numbers are just being made up.


The worst experience I've ever had with Telstra in more than 30 years of being a customer.

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: eSIM Transfer

The latest version of the My Telstra app has notes stating that it has extra eSIM management functionality included.

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Re: eSIM Transfer

If you're implying I'm not using the latest version of the app for IOS 15 then that's not case.

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Re: eSIM Transfer

Mon 4th Oct


70. Waited for 48 hours to elapse, no call or message from anyone. Sent message to Support, specialist team are still working on the issue. No details, no estimated timeframe to resolution, nothing but pre-canned responses that  are simply patronising. 


No-one is even clear what the problem is. Utter incompetence.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: eSIM Transfer

Hey pxg14, I can appreciate your frustration here. Do you have a screenshot of the error message you've been receiving when you try to transfer your eSIM to your new phone?

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Re: eSIM Transfer

I did take one but it's irrelevant now, I've ported this and another mobile service to Optus. I'm in the process of cancelling 2 remaining mobile broadband services. I will never do any business again with Telstra. 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: eSIM Transfer

It sounds like a less than optimal experience.  You could leave feedback for Telstra, including a link to this thread.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: eSIM Transfer

Hi pxg14,


We did recently have some trouble with eSIM transfers which our IT team have been working on. Have you reached out to us via the MyTelstra app or by calling 132200 since Sunday?


- Lisa

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: eSIM Transfer

iPhones appear to feature in threads In CrowdSupport.regarding eSIM activation problems.


The issues must be very frustrating for customers. I hope that the “T team” are treating the issue as high priority.

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Re: eSIM Transfer

I have just wasted 2 hours with the same issue getting the same incompetent clowns giving me the run around. What a shambles. How can a large cap company be so utterly and consistently hopelss? The proposed solution? Wait 5 to 7 days to receive a QR code in the post. Not email - snail mail!  

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Re: eSIM Transfer

Im in the exact same situation as OP and others. Agent on the phone doesnt know how to help, gold memeber support chat doesnt know how to help. Instead wait 1 week for a QR code to arrive in the mail, meanwhile being without access to my service. I have 2 auth messages being sent that i can get to access important accounts. shambles.

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Re: eSIM Transfer

It's been almost two weeks since I got my new iPhone 13 which used a Telstra eSIM, and it's still not working.

Three of my friends on separate Telstra mobile accounts (all using eSIMs) who upgraded iPhones ALL had the same issue. Not one worked.


It is setup in exactly the same way as my previous model iPhone, with the same IOS (latest 15.0.2).

Telstra app is useless, it does not allow transfer of eSIM. Usual Telstra pushing out faulty apps.


We all went down the same path with the incompetent helpdesk.

We all ended up giving up and getting a new eSIM card with scannable QR code mailed out.

It registered the eSM at least. But that's it.

I managed to received voice calls on my eSIM, for an hour or so, but no SMS or messaging.


I wont go into the helpdesk calls (much similar to your comments above).....but all useless

and contradictory. In some cases I honestly couldn't even understand them verbally.


So I just got of the phone for my latest call. I was told to reset the phone (Settings>General>Reset) - network reset.

I did this - now I get SOS (i.e. equivalent of no signal from Telstra).


SO - Since all my banking verification etc codes were sent to my Telstra eSIM mobile previously, and cant get through now - i'm completely screwed.

To change the number on all my accounts and companies I deal with to my Optus [physical] SIM I use for work requires all the banks and other institutions to send a verification code to that old mobile, which doesn't get messages, so you can't change to a new number.....so......


I now have been told I must physically visit branch offices (having exceeded number of attempts/tries and all that) for every institution I used my Telstra eSIM for with physical proof of ID to manually change my mobile number to another carrier just to get on with my life.


Well done Telstra.

So basically at this stage Telstra's ineptitude has completely derailed my families life.


The only solution Telstra had was it's just in the too hard basket. They just can't deal with eSIMs period despite their false claims.


Support Team
Support Team

Re: eSIM Transfer

There's another thread in the apple-ios forum (https://tel.st/acmtjd) that mentions a solution for the e-SIM transfer.

I'm not sure if your bank has other options, but when I had similar trouble with verification SMS I had a chat on my Banks app and they did an email verification instead.

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Re: eSIM Transfer


After 4 hours in a Telstra shop including waiting my exiting eSIM was cancelled and a new one issued (with new QRcode).

This fixed the issue.

Yes - Somehow my initial eSIM activated via the QRcode was broken. I don't even know how that is possible.



Expect the Telstra app not to work, and the helpdesk wont help you. Go to the Telstra store and get a eSIM issued there so they can issue another if the first few fail.


Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

Re: eSIM Transfer

It’s good to hear that you found a solution, but your previous steps are a poor reflection on the Telstra eSIM experience.


Could I encourage you to leave feedback for Telstra so that the issues are addressed. You could include a link to this thread.

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Re: eSIM Transfer

I too have become a victim of the esim transfer issue for the 3rd time. I personally don't know anyone whom has been able to use the My Telstra / (Telstra 24/7) App to successfully activate an esim without going into a telstra shop.- Love what should be a simple process is made difficult because of the telstra way of doing business

Support Team
Support Team

Re: eSIM Transfer

Hey @Rix91, are you still trying to activate your e-SIM?

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