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excessive data usage on iPhone 5

Can you help me here.  I've read responses so far but haven't seem a solution.  I have an iPhone 5 which I've had only this past month.  Previously I had an iPhone 4 and always used very little of my data - ALWAYS - never much usage at all.  On my first month I've used 66% with a day to go.  No excess charges there but given my use of my phone has not changed this is an alarming increase in recorded data usage.


The real problem is that my daughter has the same phone and we have had excess charges on her phone a few times including the current month where she is 25% over her allowance.  I picked it up at 10% over and she swears she has not used any data unless she is at home on wifi or at school on wifi - yet another 15% has gone on even when she was mindful of it.


Having blased her for the cost and irresponsible use of her phone (thanks Telstra) I now read via Crowdsupport that this is a well known iPhone 5 issue on the Telstra network.


What is the fix for this as its completely unacceptable to upgrade your phone, commit to a new plan and find that you are worse off financially and also have to limit the facilities on your phone to not blow your data usage - unacceptable.


Please let me know what to do.

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Re: excessive data usage on iPhone 5

This isn't a problem that is exclusive to Telstra alone. Even other carriers, even in the United States, are having issues with data usage when the iPhone 5 was first launched.


I believe that this was a problem with the iOS version that launched with the iPhone (iOS6). I would recommend is to update your iOS version to the latest one first. You do not have to pay extra for the update. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone to iTunes and update it via a Fixed Broadband connection (ADSL/Cable/etc.).

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