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False Missed Call

Hi guys


I received a call from an unknown person on the basis that they were returning a missed call of 20 minutes prior. My mobile phone was securely in my possession and I did not make a call to that number. I do not think it was a scammer, the person did not try to sell me anything and rang off as soon as the situation became clear. 

I am mildly concerned this call was speculative action by persons unknown in an attempt to gain personal information.

Are calls such as I have described a common occurrence in the wider community?

Has there been malicious or detrimental outcomes for consumers as a direct result of calls such as I have described?

Please advise whether Telstra is aware of a technical reason or reasons why calls such as I have described may occur.


Thanks & regards


Mark G

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: False Missed Call

What will have happened is that a scammer has spoofed your mobile number when calling the other person (which is quite easy to do - caller id is not a complex or secure system).


You may end up with quite a few of these "returned calls" as they use the same number for a few days before moving on.


Use the following form to report the scam to Telstra REPORT MISUSE OF SERVICE (telstra.com.au)

it's not easy for them to stop these types of things happening, but they can use the information to try and track down the source.

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