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Fix my Tplus order for iPhone case

Hi, does anyone know how to fix my tplus order? I accidentally ordered an iPhone 13 Pro case instead of the iPhone 13. I tried calling and using the chat but they can’t find a way to cancel the order or modify it. They said my best option is to wait for it to be delivered and not accept it so my points can be refunded. This seems like a horrible workaround as I’d like my points back so I can order the case I actually want.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Fix my Tplus order for iPhone case

The Telstra Plus ordering system is very basic and does not allow for changes after ordering.

The suggestion that you have been given by the chat consultant is the only way forward (and it can take a while for your points to be refunded as the item needs to be scanned back into stock, which can take weeks).

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