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Forward emails via Iphone5


I am having problems with forwarding received emails in my iphone 5.

I have linked my iphone 5 to my 3 bigpond email addresses.

I can receive emails - all ok.

I can send new emails - all ok.

I cannot forward received emails via my iphone.

Is there an extra setting or somesuch for forwarding emails via the iphone?

I received an email and wanted to forward to my work email. The iphone says that the email has been forwarded however I do not receive it in my work email (it is not being stopped by work filter). I can create a new email on my phone and send direct to my work email, its just forwarding a message does not work.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Forward emails via Iphone5

Forwarding = New Email in terms of functionality, there is really no difference.


Can you test using ALL your email accounts, sending emails to your work?


I know that our Spam filter at work doesn't alert users when it gets caught up, so unless you have access to the filter there could be something amiss there.




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Re: Forward emails via Iphone5


I have tried all my email accounts.

Also I was actually able to fwd a message - it might have to do with size or something.

The email that I couldnt fwd was a bill from another company, would have had hyperlinks in it and a lot of graphics.

I went to fwd the Iphone 5 email I received from Telstra and that worked fine.


So its not all emails, only some emails.


Only thing I can think of is size and I will check that at home tonite.


Usually when an email is blocked (size, content etc) we usually get a msg saying its captured by filter and to request release if required


Not sure why some can and some cant fwd


Thanks for reply




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