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Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

What's going on with this guys? 


Why is Telstra such a monumental stuff-up all the time? No wonder it's share price is plummeting.


You know how you phone tech support and TLS sends you a text message, saying text us back and we'll reply to you? Well those messages can't be sent. They just say "message unsent". Nice one Telstra.  


I have a Foxtel Go ID and password. I've been a top-tier Foxtel subscriber for years.


I go into Foxtel Go on my iMac and it won't stream anything, but gives me ...


Oops! Error code PE6007


How do I simply watch my expensive Foxtel full subscription on my Mac computer/s please? I'm supposed to be allowed to use five separate devices.

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Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

Well Easts are flogging Manly (surprise!) so at least that's something. 




Hey, found this joke on the net ...


Question: What did the Telstra tech say to the high-paying customer?


Answer: Don't know they don't answer the phone, the Telstra messaging service isn't even connected at all & they just throw the entire Foxtel schematic back at 50 per cent partner News Corp - but the latter can't and won't fix it because we are high-paying Telstra customers.




* Maybe the ACCC & Dept of Fair Trading need to AGAIN take a really close look at this ongoing debacle.  

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Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

Yeah same old Telstra.


If you say the obvious & bag out the archaic old fat lady singing then no-one answers you. 


I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror. 


Why is Foxtel Go saying Error PE6007 instead of just streaming Foxtel to my devices?


I pay top dollar for Foxtel. Foxtel advertises you can use it on numerous devices. 


So what's with the Error PE6007 message & no streaming?


Dept of Fair Trading here we come. 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

What do Foxtel support say about it?.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

Hey Watcher,

I have had a look around online, was the error code PE8007? Nothing is showing up for PE6007, but the others can be seen here along with some steps to resolve. 

Let me know how you go.

- Ryan

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Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

Haha. Such a typical, unintelligent Telstra response. I can hear every other person on this thread cringing in unison and not bothering to even check back. By the way, Telstra, I just registered and the avatars provided here are SOOO bad. Come on Telstra. Thought you were cool. Hmm, no, that's a lie. I never thought that.

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Re: Foxtel Go PE6007 error code & no live stream

Possible solution:

I was streaming from the Foxtel website ( on Chrome 87.0.4280.88 on a 2009 iMac running Yosemite 10.10.5. It suddenly stopped working so I switched to Safari 10.1.2 and it's working for now. Good luck.

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