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Help! Bigpond email set up on iPhone won't work ....

Please help.  Situation is this:


1) Bigpond email on iPhone 4S stopped working.  I deleted account and then tried to add it again and got the message: username or password incorrect. 


2) Bigpond email on webmail from my laptop works! YAY! Same username and password.  All good.


3) Bigpond email via webmail on iPhone does NOT work!  Msg: username or password incorrect!


4) Tried adding Bigpond email to my work iPhone 5.  Msg: username or password incorrect!


5) Had Telstra send me my password via text (just to confirm).  All good.


6) Tried cutting and pasting from text message into "password" field in both iphone webmail and iPhone email account set up.  Msg: username or password incorrect.


7) Spent an hour on the phone with lovley Telstra/Bigpond staff yesterday.  They could not help and suggested I contact Apple.


8) I then spent an hour on webchat with Apple rep ... I was able to successfully add Hotmail and Yahoo emails to both my iPhones ... but not my Bigpond emails.  He blamed Bigpond and suggested I go back to them.


9) All the while - my email/webmail works on my laptop (but not via my iPhones).


Can any one please help me??????




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Re: Help! Bigpond email set up on iPhone won't work ....

Hi Ange01, 

When you've attempted to add your BigPond email account to iPhone's did the consultant make you manually enter settings, or were you just trying to get it working by entering your BigPond email address and Password

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Re: Help! Bigpond email set up on iPhone won't work ....

Hi Ange01,


I'm going to start with some very basic questions here:


1. when you log on to bigpond via your PC, do you type in your full email id? eg ""? Or do you simply type in "" without the "@domain name". You can log on to a Telstra domain without the domain name on your PC, and thus onto webmail without the domain name, as if you are a bigpond user, the log-on system assumes you will have a Telstra based domain which is a dfault. 


However, when you go into your iPhone, eg "SETTINGS > MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS > ADD ACCOUNT ..." you need to type in the full user name including "@domainname".


2. If you are already in the habit of using your whole email address to log on, and as you have been on the phone to apple, try a hard reset on your iPhone. (although I would be surprised if Apple did not get you to do that) This is done by holding-in/pressing the HOME BUTTON and the top POWER button for a few seconds at the same time (this will reset some of your data and location settings, so re-check these after your phone has restarted. No harn will be done, but when you go to use some apps you may be asked to reset some settings, usually Celular Data settings)


Once you have done the "RESET" try again to "Add Account".


3. Have you got other email accounts on your iPhone? (generally you will have, at least, an iCloud account) is this account working?  Can you delete it and re ADD it?


Hope this helps - answers to the questions above might give me better hint on the problem, it sounds unusual as what you were trying to do is a very basic requirement and function



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