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Hotspot not working on iPhone 12

I got the iPhone 12 pro about 6 months ago and was never able to use the hotspot as no device could see it. I ended up buying 12 pro max as I wanted the bigger screen and it too won't allow me to use the hotspot. I've reset network settings and tried on a number of different devices, they either cannot even see the network or it will connect for a second and then immediately disconnect. I've spoken to apple, I've spoken to Telstra and i'm getting no where. Anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Hotspot not working on iPhone 12

(1) Can you access internet data on the phone?.


(2) Check that you have the carrier’s latest settings. Go to 

Settings -> General -> About

If there is an update a pop up will appear.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Hotspot not working on iPhone 12

Change the APN to telstra.iph there was a change in iOS that stopped the hotspot functionality working with the other Telstra APN's so you need to go back to the old failsafe from a decade ago (telstra.iph)

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