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How to Deal with Rogue Telstra Employees?

I chatted with an agent named <Removed for Privacy> on 9am Eastern standard time Australia/20 November 2020 to fix an issue with my account - couldn't log in. To my surprise, he was rude and purposely(?) being difficult. So, I talked to a supervisor of another agent about the issue and he agreed with me. The supervisor then passed me onto <Removed for Privacy> manager, who then without notice or warning, suspended my account. So, now I am without a phone. What is one supposed to do in this situation? Options? Ombudsman?

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Re: How to Deal with Rogue Telstra Employees?

You've already suggested the answer, the TIO,   as it's next to impossible to speak to Telstra.

Telstra calls are usually recorded, so try to recall the exact time etc as a reference.

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Re: How to Deal with Rogue Telstra Employees?

So after talking to another agent for 1 hour just to get through 4 sentences, she kept going back and forth insisting my account is showing active, nothing wrong (perhaps her colleague made her do it just to get under my nose?). However, after pressing her, she finally admitted my account was suspended and they made up some phony reason that my phone was lost. Seems like the chat service is just a handful of overseas agents who all know one another and think they are invincible!


Ok, so their job must suck bad, but if you have beef with customers, then take it up with that particular customer, not some innocuous new user, who hasn't the slightest clue what all the malice is for, and who just wants to sought through a minor issue. All I can say is... Karma.

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