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How to disable Privacy Separator to connect my printer?



i bought a new printer (brother wireless) and i would like to connect it with wifi. But I can only work it out from iPad. 

my telstra smart modem has a “Pair” button. When I press the button, it will blink. I also pressed the wifi button on the printer and it’s blinking, too. But when I use the brother iprint app to select device, it says - check that the wifi acess point / router ‘s privacy separator option is Disabled. How can I disable it??? thank you!

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: How to disable Privacy Separator to connect my printer?

Did you press pair button for at least 5 seconds. If pair button is pressed for less than 5 seconds modem is set to paging mode instead of WPS mode. Light still flashes but at a lower rate. There is no privacy separator on modem

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