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Incredibly incompetent communication on Telstra app, iPhone 12 pro order

Hi I recently placed an order for the iPhone 12 pro, the order number was SBS51583681. I have a confirmation email on the 16th of October for this.


The following day I got an email saying "email bill is active on your account" for account number (XXXXXXXXXXX).


Subsequently on the 22nd I received an order saying the following:


"Thanks for placing your order with Telstra.

We know you must be eager to get your new device, but due to limited stock, we’re sorry that we won’t be able to send it to you on release day.

However, your order is progressing in the queue, and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible. We’ll give you weekly updates on the progress of your order, and let you know when your device is on its way."


Ok fine, a bit annoying but whatever.


It comes to yesterday the 30th where I'm expecting a weekly update, it didn't come. So I queried this on the MyTelstra app when the expected time this order would come. First messages were totally unprofessional, the person could barely string together English and the responses were coming once every ten minutes, hour, few hours.

Every response was like this and not sent in a timely manner. I understand that outsourcing those in the communications department is common but I've never experienced a situation where I feel like I'm talking to an incompetent child. They should be able to give confidence that they have a reasonable level of intelligence and can write using English language competently. By the end of the conversation after sending the order number and details, another responder hours later told me the order was "closed" despite the fact that I hadn't asked for it to be closed and still 100% expected this order to be fulfilled even if delayed.


So I queried again on the app was told after giving the order number that there was "no order generated on the account yet". 

This person was a better communicator but said there was no order linked to the account number, and claimed the order may have been "cancelled/closed" because of a lack of stock. Maybe Telstra's understanding of a "closed/cancelled" order is different than mine but this comment seems nonsensical at worst and poorly communicated at best. All I wanted was some basic confirmation such as by email that the pre-order still existed in Telstra's system considering I was told I would get weekly updates.


Ultimately they told me to just wait and see what happens but I'm not exactly confident in that currently. Considering I placed my order on the phone within the hour and it was advertised in stock I was already disappointed in the level of service, if it is delayed and I'm told I'm getting weekly updates by email from a company the size of Telstra I would expect weekly updates to actually occur. Its not hard to send a template email on the subject. The communication on the My Telstra app was sporadic and basically told me absolutely nothing, it literally just created more confusion.


Is this just normal and to be expected and I should be expecting the order to continue and be delivered once they get stock? 





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Re: Incredibly incompetent communication on Telstra app, iPhone 12 pro order

Hey there jeanbbb, it's not good to read this has been your experience with the iPhone 12 pro order.

I've had to edit your post to not include your account number as we don't recommend sharing this publicly, please refrain from sharing these details in the future.

I've taken a look at the order and can confirm this has been closed and cancelled as of 28/10 which would explain why you didn't get any further updates on the order. From what I can see there were a couple of attempts to get in touch with you in relation to the order but as our team couldn't reach you the order was closed with the cooling off period, not due to a stock issue. Did you get any missed calls from us or emails that could have wound up in your junk folder? 

I'm afraid waiting will not provide a result and a new order will need to be placed. Have you been in touch with support since your post here to arrange this once more? Any issues with the order can be addressed in the conversation with support now and you wouldn't be getting an online reference but an order number relative to our systems.

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Re: Incredibly incompetent communication on Telstra app, iPhone 12 pro order

That response from T is perfectly normal. They employ people who NEVER help, have no idea, then disappear. Good luck, I am onto my 26 th T unhelpful person! 

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