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iPhone 12 pro & 4G network.

Hi - when entering a 4G only area, I get the Telstra message: “Hi, you are in a 4G only area. Your device does not have 4G voice calling capability enabled. This means you may not be able to make voice/emergency calls in this area. Visit telstra.com/callhelp to check if you can enable 4G voice calling on your device. If you cannot enable 4G calling on your device, or you choose not to enable it, this limitation will apply to this device each time you enter this area. However, please note you will not receive a reminder every time.”  When I checked settings > mobile > mobile data options > voice & data, I have 3 options: 5G on, 5G auto and 4G. I have ‘5G auto’ checked and am wondering why I’ve received the message & can I make calls on the 4G network with this setting (didn’t have time to try it out!). Thanks

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: iPhone 12 pro & 4G network.

No, that setting wouldn't cause that message. The network isn't recognising that your device can use VoLTE.


Follow the instructions on telstra.com/callhelp and click on Telstra - Set up & technical support - Contact us if you still can't use VoLTE after 4 hours as it will need to be investigatged.


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Re: iPhone 12 pro & 4G network.

Thanks Jupiter. I don’t expect to return to the 4G only area in the near future, so I won’t be able to check   But I’ll bear in mind that I possibly can’t make VoLTE calls when I get back there.  Too much technology in new phones!

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