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iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

Telstra apparently have a “dedicated team” to handle issues with postage of the latest iPhone but the number 1800811128 redirects to StarTrack who cannot help.
my phone has been “onboard for delivery” for 5 days now and no one can tell me why or when it will be delivered. StarTrack says Telstra are the only ones who can give a definitive answer and Telstra say startrack are the only ones who can tell me.

has anyone experienced the same thing and has gotten an answer?

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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

Hey Art_vandalay, 

It's my understanding that delivers are delayed across the board. If StarTrack have the item on board, you will need to wait for them to make an update.

I would double check that we have the correct delivery address & name & if we have it will arrive in due course.



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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

This happened to me as well. 

I got an sms from Telstra saying my delivery had "failed" with a link to re-send the order. The link took me to an error message that said I didn't have permission to view the page. Telstra support advised to contact Star Track, who told me the package was returned to them (just like the sms said). The response from Telstra was "it will go back to us and you might get your order in 72 hours and if you still don't get it then you need to place new order on your account". So basically, wait three business days at which point we may or may not cancel your order anyways. 

Delivery issues happen, totally get that (and yes, this is a first world problem). I've been on a chat with Telstra off and on for 6 hours and yet to get a clear answer, unfortunately. 

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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

Having had to deal with Startrack yesterday (for a non-Telstra delivery), I can tell you that their system (and Australia Post's, who own them) is shocking. They have very limited ability to be able to track deliveries that don't get delivered. In a lot of cases, they don't even know what their own processes are.

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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

StarTrack have a tracing webpage

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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

Startrack have been having strike issues due to staff discontent regarding employment contracts

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Re: iPhone 13 pro lost in post?

I still haven’t got mine either, I’ve launched an official complaint through my local store and still haven’t once been contacted by StarTrack or Telstra… I pre-ordered too. Still no idea when I’ll receive mine.

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