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iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

 G'day everyone,


I just received an email saying that the iphone 6 plus are avaliable for preorder once again with a delivery time of 3-5 weeks. I browsed over the ordering website and it suggested that the 16gb and 64gb variants of the plus would be avaliable. 


Does this mean that stock has finally started to come through, and will those who ordered (myself included) the 6 Plus on the 13th of september (now a month and a half ago) will finally start to receive the devices?? An clarification/confirmation from a mod or even Yannick would be much appreciated. 


Thanks. Smiley Happy


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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

I'd say it's a sign. I ordered a SG 64GB 6+ on 13/09 and just got my SMS that it's on the way!

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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

I ordered 6+ 64g on the 13th sept and haven't had anything from Telstra apart from a welcome to Telstra email about my plan and 2 texts saying don't worry we will keep u updated since the start. I've been lied to more times than I care to count. I work in customer service and I can safely say if I treated my customers how they are treating us I wouldn't have a job !
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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

I did have to laugh though when a I spoke with a rep yesterday , she said give us a chance ... Hahahaha , I would say we have definately done that.
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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

It's very true Mattstorm118, no other business would let their staff treat customers like this.

Telstra certainly have their priorities wrong.
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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email



i just received an email, then an sms saying my iphone 6+ SG 64gb will be delivered monday/tuesday. Also, received sms stating that my data has been up-ed to include the bonus and confirmed via the telstra 24x7 app. 




Hope the same good news will be shared by others who ordered on the 13th Smiley Happy

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Re: iPhone 6 Plus preorder email

That's great news silent_type but I'm not holding my breathe

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