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iphone 6 pre order and new plan bonus offer


If I order the new Iphone today (as per email received from telstra, will I be eligiable to take up the new bonus offers of $1000 calls or 1GB of of data as announced by Telstra media release even though this offer does not start until after September 16th. Any advice appreciated. or should I wait until after the 16th Sept to re-contract/


Appreciate any advice.

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Re: iphone 6 pre order and new plan bonus offer

I took the punt and went through the ordering process. Yes the bonus offers of $1,000 extra calls or 1GB of data per month is included in this offer on any plan over $70 per month. Also which was a nice surprise, now free, is the ability to get a new handset after 12 months. So now I have received a confirmation email that my new Iphone6 is on its way with shipping after Sept 19.

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