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iPhone 7 delay - Could be earlier than November

I wanted to let everyone know this.


I was one of the hopeful pre-orders who was online just prior to 5.01pm on pre-order day continuing to click the refresh button before dealing with a web site that couldn't handle the pressure of so many hits at once.


I had two orders. One for the rose gold and another for the highly sought after jet black. The rose gold turned up on release day, but I'd already had correspondense telling me not to hold my breath for the other. Then I fell into that group who were potentially waiting until November/December.


Then yesterday I had my email pop up with a Startrack consignment notification and the jet black arrived to me this morning.


I did however lodge a massive rant of a formal complaint through to Telstra the other day highlighting these dodgy ways to advertising something they couldn't deliver upon, in the short term, and how I wanted out of the contract agreement. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with it, highly doubt it, or if it was just cooincidence.


This November/December thing might be an overestimate.

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Re: iPhone 7 delay - Could be earlier than November

I hope you are right i am one of the people currently waiting have received my SIM card as I am currently changing back to telstra from Optus. The track my order states the phone has been dispatched. In StarTrack states it has been delivered so I am a little confused at the present time when the phone is coming as it says the package is delivered

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