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iPhone mini trouble


I had a world of trouble getting an iPhone 12 mini and finally got that sorted. Have had the phone 2 weeks and went to bed last night with it working fine. This morning it locked me out. Didn’t recognise password and would t unlock. Ended up needing to talk  to apple and they couldn’t unlock it even with a factory reset!!! It wouldn’t reset. Wth is going on. 
it had a military grade case, has never even been dropped as I look after it like gold considering the fees.

it’s not even as good as the iPhone 11 which was the original phone I had. I’m so upset. Waiting on a case manager to sort it but has anyone else had this issue where it just locked you out after being perfectly fine? The only think I did differently was set an alarm this morning. Surely that can’t glitch it out? Help? 

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Level 20: Director

Re: iPhone mini trouble

You could check if you have it listed as an Apple device by logging into your iCloud account.  Read about it at https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/icloud/mm25565a6496/icloud


You could remove it and then try a factory reset.

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