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iPhone not receiving messages

Hi all, hoping someone can help as I'm not having much luck with the faults team! I recently ported across from optus to telstra and ever since then my phone won't receive SMS from networks other than telstra. It is not an issue with imessage, but genuine SMS. I have tried a new sim card, reset all network settings,restored the phone and everything else I can think of. It's going to be another 7 to 10 working days for telstra to get back to me, after 2 months of back and forth and I am extremely frustrated as I need my phone for my job! Can anyone offer any advice??

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Re: iPhone not receiving messages

it's typically something that goes wrong in the port process where the SMS routing has not been configured correctly of has failed, I'd persist with the fault reporting until you get someone that's familiar with the problem you're not the first one that's suffered this issue
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Re: iPhone not receiving messages

Silly thing to try might be to Reset the Network settings, if you have done this then it really does need to go to Faults for investigation.


If you still aren't getting anywhere, let us know and we can flag it for a Moderator to look into it Smiley Happy




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Re: iPhone not receiving messages

Hi Ben - I have reset the network settings before and it hasnt made any difference.


I am going to persist with the faults team for investigation, but I have already had them incorrectly close the investigation on me before and am now in the process of waiting again for the next 7 - 10 days until they call me again.


Was just hoping perhaps someone on here had an idea of what I can try to get the network settings working properly again, but it looks like Im going to have to wait the time out and hope someone fixes it.

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