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iPhone X Mega Problems!



my iPhone X has been playing up MAJORLY. Every day now it seems to want to shut down and turn itself back on ( Without me touching the lock button or trying to switch it off ), the screen is having mega issues with glitches and not even responding and freezing up half the time. And nooowwww, the where the little lighting cable goes into your phone, doesn’t seem to be working, and I’ve tried multiple brand new cords but still nothing, it only charges via the wireless charging option, which is a huge pain, but it doesn’t even charge up fully/the battery drains super fast out of it anyways.  Please help, I’m due for my new phone feeling new phone and the phone has only just turned over a year old, and it’s been happening a lot more lately, due to no fault of my own. It’s always in a protected case, never gets too hot or cold or anything. Is there a way I can claim it on warranty still or should I just not bother and just go and do the new phone feeling, as I know it’s going to be more expensive for me either way but I don’t want to have to pay for a new plan and phone simply because my old one has cracked the **bleep**s. 

and also. When can we PLEASE get a crew of your Telstra team to come fix the big concrete box hole cover thing out the front of our house? It’s been like that FOR YEARS AND YEARS NOW, and also to collect your stupid rusty old safety fence to barricade it off from anyone falling in. The fence is useless and I’ve already tried many times to get someone to come fix it but still nothing? It’s a danger for there are a **bleep**load of snakes around my neighbourhood and with the last few years torrential rain, it’s bound to be causing a lot of the lag/random internet cutouts/ the snail like slowness of my internet. We got the nbn, and we have the gen 1 box but I think it’s both the box and the concrete hole as the box cuts out with all of the lights all together and only shows certain lights at a time. 
can we please get someone to come fix the bloody hole?! And is there a way to get a new Telstra modem seeing as ours keeps faulting again to no fault of our own? 

ta x

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Re: iPhone X Mega Problems!

Re your faulty iPhone. If you take it to an Apple Store

...and if its not damaged ... on a good day it's likely to be

replaced. Apple can be flexible on warranty at times.

 .......But..... if Telstra sre tsking it back they may check the IMEI. If it's in Telstra warrranty period...they will send it to their workshop gor assessment. 


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Re: iPhone X Mega Problems!

Hi @Leesi_MeowMeows


If it's an issue that is covered by the manufacturer's warranty then you will need to initially get fixed and working before organising the New Phone Feeling. You have the option to take it to an Apple Store or have it sent away via a Telstra Store for assessment and repair/replacement.

You can find further information on the New Phone Feeling here: https://tel.st/zexuj


In regards to the pit cover concern, has this been escalated previously as a formal complaint? If so, do you have the SR reference number for it? 


For your nbn issues, have you spoken to our NBN Assurance team? If so, what has been advised? 



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