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iPhone X Network blocked / locked

I recently Bought an iPhone X privately. I have been having issues setting up my phone with my current sim. Only telstra networked sims will function on the device, other sims will not register, they will appear to have no reception despite working fine on my 7 Plus. This is a symptom of an iPhone being locked to a carrier - however if you look up the phone's IMEI, the device shows up as not locked to any carrier. But when looking up to see if the phone is BLOCKED it shows that it was blocked by telstra on the 17th of January.

The odd thing about this is that a blocked phone should not allow you to call/etc no matter what sort of phone network you use, but it works fine on telstra. 


I have called up telstra many times, everytime I have been referred to go in-store. I have tried going in store and was told that iPhones 'do not get locked anymore' and then told to call up again.


No one at telstra seems to understand my problem, does anyone else know what is actually going on, being passed around with people not understanding isn't the greatest.

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Re: iPhone X Network blocked / locked

not sure where you’ve checked it’s “blocked” to Telstra? I assume you mean the IMEI?
There’s been a few scams lately where people have used stolen ids to purchase iPhones and then sold them privately (my hubby had this happen with an IPhone 8 in November through Telstra - we requested the IMEI be blocked within Australia).
Probably the question you need to ask Telstra is whether they’ve had a report that the phone has been stolen and blocked it (although it’s then weird it can be used with a Telstra sim). Maybe take it into one of the little kiosks that are in most shopping centres and ask them if they can unlock it for you?
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Re: iPhone X Network blocked / locked

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