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iPhone XR and Telstra one for Apple Watch

Please help!!!!!!!!

I have an iPhone XR and have recently purchased an Apple Watch SE with cellular. I have spent so much time trying to connect my watch to cellular but to no avail. Can someone please assist?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: iPhone XR and Telstra one for Apple Watch

Hi Vic0283. 
There are issues with connecting to Telstra One Number for iWatches. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Apologies for the delay. 


- Tom


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Level 1: Cadet

Re: iPhone XR and Telstra one for Apple Watch

I have this same issue. Is there a resolution?

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Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: iPhone XR and Telstra one for Apple Watch

Firstly, Telstra One Number is currently unavailable on the new Upfront Mobile Plans.


However, if it is available on your current plan, in the thread a user got One Number to work by following the steps:


Unpair watch from mobile

Back up phone (to iCloud)

Erase all content and settings on phone

Paired watch and activated One Number data plan

Restored phone from back up via iCloud

Erased all and keep plan on watch via settings on watch

Paired with phone again and this time the one number stuck.

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