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iPhone5 issue after loosing loosing cellular reception

Hi there,


I have had a strange problem for the last 3 weeks that I've now narrowed down to when it occurs (don't know why it occurs).


Where I live, when I come up from the garage, I temporarily loose all reception/signal ("No Service") indicator on the iPhone.


When I get to my apartment I get reception/signal back at full bars, 3G.  So the phone appears to have service.  However a few weeks ago I started getting SMS's and missed call notifications/voicemails sometimes hours and hours after they should have been received.  People try and call me and it goes straight to voicemail.


This consistently occurs whenever I loose reception and regain it.  However I have tested and confirmed, if I try to make an outbound call or send an SMS, as soon as this is complete, any missed calls or messages straight away come in and people can call me again.


So it's like, after I've lost reception, and the phone thinks it's got reception back, it actually hasn't reconnected to the Telstra network.  It's not until I initiate something outbound that it really reconnects to the network and Telstra think the phone is on the air (so to speak).


So....any thoughts, similiar experiences, fixes?

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Re: iPhone5 issue after loosing loosing cellular reception

If its an iPhone 5, try doing a Network Reset by going Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This option resets your network settings, but doesn't loose data.


If this doesn't work, it might be an idea (for testing) to restore your iphone to new. Create a Backup in iTunes, and restore the phone. Once this has been completed, ensure you set it up as a new phone and test it again.


If it still doesn't work, it would be work reporting the fault to Telstra on 13 22 00 (say Mobile Fault) or contacting AppleCare on 1300 321 456 to see if they can offer some advice.




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Re: iPhone5 issue after loosing loosing cellular reception

Hi Ben,


Thanks for the tips.  We did the network settings reset and on first test this appears to have fixed the problem.  Will keep an eye on it over the next few days but on first go appears fixed.  Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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