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Missing order

Hi, I ordered an IPhone 5, last week, the 10th exactly, and I still don't have any confirmation nor cancellation e-mail.


I called the support yesterday, and today, and I have the same answer twice : "I can't find your order, I need to check with my manager and we will call you back within 24hrs."  And if I called again today, it's because I'm still waiting for the return phone call from yesterday.


I have the screen print of my order, with a confirmation number, the right contact details (e-mail adress), so I can't understand how it can just disappear.


Really anoying, knowing that you can only buy it online as the shops are out of stock.


Waiting for any kind of help. And if anyone could tell me how I can send my screen print to Telstra, so they can have the proof of my order.


Thanks in advance. (Apologize for any english mistake, not native)


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Re: Missing order

Hopefully one of the moderators or Telstra staff who monitor this site will PM you soon and get the screenshot off you.

Or you could try Live Chat, the person you get may be able to give you an email address to send the screen print to.

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Re: Missing order

im in the exact same boat as you, ordered my phone on the 10th recieved a confirmation email that day, then recieved a letter from telstra explaining my contract on the 17th.
but i am yet to recieve anything regarding my IPhone 5, no tracking number or confirmation emails.

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