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Mobile 4G


I have an iPhone 8 with Voice & Data 4G option enabled and VoLTE enabled.  When I travel to e.g Derwent Bridge in Tasmania I get an SMS from Telstra saying "Hi, you are in a 4G only area. Your device not have 4G voice callaing capability enabled..." . 


Please advise why i get this message and what else I need to do to enable 4G on my device

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile 4G

I suspect it may be an error in Telstra's system as there have been a few reports of VoLTE enabled phones receiving the message.


When you next get the message, can you try and make the call and let us know if it works?


btw Love that part of the world, used to go through there a lot in the early 80's when my Grandfather was the Forestry Commission Officer at Bronte Park and my Dad was working at Renison Bell.

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