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Mobile Data Coverage

Own a IPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung S10. Been with telstra for many years no drama always great coverage, super fast speeds. Decided to upgrade to nbn and downgrade the amount of GB for each phone. Costing the same approx $250 a month. 
About 2 weeks after change of plan, the new month started. 40gb each phone instead of 80gb. The data speed is so slow, fb photos struggle to load. When hotspot to computer (to do quarterly ATO) the pages won’t load. We can download shows to watch on Foxtel instead of stream through Netflix but it’s takes HOURS. Also chews through the data this way. 

telstra believes there must not be much wrong with coverage if still manage to use so much GB yet we have used more GB in a shorter time frame then usual and getting nothing for it. 

did the telstra speed test on both phones 


IPhone: 1.1mbps upload speed

Iphone: 0.3mbps download speed


Samsung: 0.5mbps upload speed

Samsung: 0.3mbps download speed


Telstra said they would send the report to their team and get back approx 4-5 business days and it has been 9 business days. But previous stated that they do not think they can fix it as there is no coverage issue in our area. Also this is not set to peak times ect, this is at all times of the day and night as we have checked.


We have done all the suggested ways included delete unused apps, update apps. And a few other things suggested by telstra. Like deleting history thing. 

Any help would be much appreciated. I have to lodge our quarterly GST at the end of Jan and I do not want to have to go to a library considering we pay $250 a month to have internet ect. 


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