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Mobile hotspot

Reception using mobile hotspot is appalling. I have an 80Gig plan. Why is it so?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile hotspot

We don't know as you haven't given us anything to go on.


What are you using for the hotspot would be a good start.

What are you connecting to the hotspot


Speeds you are getting via the hotspot

Speeds you are getting on your mobile normally

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Mobile hotspot

By “reception”, do you actually mean speed?.


You can check your download speed using a speed test webpage

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Re: Mobile hotspot

Hello Jupiter,

Thanks for responding. I am using an iPhone 12 mini as a mobile hotspot for a Lenovo ideapad L340. My location is approximately 425 metres from a Telstra tower on Hallorans Hill.


Speed tests run today Friday 9 July 2021:

@ 13:45 download 5.7Mbps; upload 1.9Mbps.

@ 13:47 download 1.6; upload 5

@ 13:55 download 10.5; upload 3.6

@ 14:00 download 16.8; upload 6.1

@ 14:15 download 20.0; upload 3.6

@ 14:30 download 14.9; upload 2.9

@ 15:00 download 7.8; upload 2.2


As you can see, the speeds are not regular. So far I have noticed (without measuring) that speed is worse in the afternoon. I will continue to monitor the speed and let you know the results.


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Re: Mobile hotspot

Thanks Dowser, I checked my speeds using that site.

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