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mobile rings once only then goes to message

Lately my iphone 5s only rings once then goes to message. If the caller calls back it will ring as per normal. The first call alwas goes to message, the second rings as per normal.


Please help

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Re: mobile rings once only then goes to message

Try this
open up your Phone app and key in **61*101**(number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30)#
Then press the call/send button.

if that doesnt work, try making sure that your phone has the latest iOS (7.0.4, latest version)

lastly maybe get your SIM card changed over, go into a telstra store and get them to re burn you a new SIM, should do on the spot. or very last last resort call telstra i know they can do some fancy things with your account...


if all thatdoenst work, if you have the latest iOS try to restore your iPhone, make sure to backup your phone first!!!


Note: I am in no way affiliated with Telstra, i simply work in the IT industry and my posts are from experiences.
If you don't want my help simply disregard my post.

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