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MyTelstra App not useful

I fire up the MyTelstra App on my IOS 14.2 Iphone 12, and all of the services show up with "Something went wrong" when showing data usage.  It says try again in a few minutes. I have tried again for nearly a month. What gives.

Old IT/Comms curmudgeon - did tech support for Alcatel System 12 Exchanges in my day - designed a bunch of stuff for Optus.

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Re: MyTelstra App not useful

Thank God, I thought I was alone on this issue.


My app  has being saying the same thing now for 5 days and good luck if you can find anyone in Telstra to talk to about it.  And good luck on the BOT,even it hangs up on  you. Just imagine running a business where by the BOT is the first responder to customer complaints. Arrogant pricks.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: MyTelstra App not useful

Given how long it has been going on, you will need to contact Telstra to get them to investigate, either by sending a message through the My Telstra app or Livechat. Type "Speak to a consultant" if Codi tries to redirect you.

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