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Need a qr code to link new handset with old sim, help?

Purchased iPhone 11 today. old handset was wiped of data, no information about qr codes was provided by apple, (who set up the original plan in the first place). Now I have my micro sim in the new handset, and it is SOS only. Apple settings require QR code to scan, however I do not have one. How do I proceed?

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Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: Need a qr code to link new handset with old sim, help?

You'd only require a QR code if you were setting up an eSIM (embedded sim, built into the device). It's hard to know what has happened but head into a Telstra store and ask them to replace your SIM card, then snap out the SIM to the nano size used by the iPhone 11 and insert it in your device.

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