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new iphone 4s gobbling up data

please can SOMEONE help me!  I've recently bought a 4s after upgrading from android, and since changing over my 4s is just gobbling through my data allowance, depsite me having turned off anything that might use data that I am aware of.


I've even reset the phone and started again, downloading apps by wifi. 


(does anyone know if the usage counter on phone counts download over wifi? if it DOESN"T then something isn't working properly at all!)


The phone apparently is also sending small amounts of data even when not in use, just as an experiement I noted the data useage at one time then went back after not using, and although only 10kb in 10 minutes, I hadn't done anything!!


The only app I really ever use is instagram, which is made for mobile viewing and it seemed to use 4.7mb in just one few minute viewing. No uploads of images or anything.


Please can someone help me out. This phone is NOT so smart, I'd be better off with my old android. Smiley Sad

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Re: new iphone 4s gobbling up data

Where are you getting this data usage readings? Settings -> General --> Usage -> Cellular Data usage ?


If your looking at data usage meter this maybe be because of pro rata.

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Re: new iphone 4s gobbling up data

yes, that is where I am getting the data usage from.


And no, its not pro-rated, its a normal cycle billing month!!!

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Re: new iphone 4s gobbling up data


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