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No data connection on Iphone 4S

I've just returned from a trip overseas where I was using an international roaming SIM card on my Iphone 4S.  After reinstalling my Telstra SIM card (I am on a paid contract) everything seems fine except that when I try to connect to the internet over 3G network it says "Could not activate mobile data network, you are not subscribed to a mobile data service".  Is there a setting somewhere that I need to reactivate?

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Re: No data connection on Iphone 4S

Hi Steve_S.


Not usually, but sometimes when using another SIM the carrier profile is downloaded.


What I would reccomend is go to Settings>General>About and scroll down to Carrier. It should be Telstra15.5.


If you see anything else, plug the iPhone into iTunes with the Telstra SIM and it should say "A carrier update is available" this will download the carrier update.


If no joy, I would call 132200 for Consumer or 132000 for Business acounts and say "Faults". It will prompt you for "Mobile or Landline Faults" Say "Mobile" and you will go to the Assurance Team to troubleshoot your mobile data connection Smiley Happy


Good luck! let us know how you go.

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Re: No data connection on Iphone 4S

Hi Blakel,


Thanks for the reply.  I've check the Carrier setting and it is as you said it should be: Telstra15.5.  I've also plugged it into Itunes to let it synch/update.  Still no joy.


Calling the support line now.





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