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PSA: The latest on Apple iOS iPhone + Apple Watch + Family Setup.

PSA: I bought an Apple Watch last month as a gift for my daughter with the intention of using it with Family Setup and my Telstra Mobile accounts.  This obviously didn’t work.

I was about to go to Optus and by a cheap SIM only plan for $25 (cheaper than Telstra) and setup the Apple Watch with Optus Number Share.  Luckily I did some more research and discovered that the status of things has changed in the past few weeks.


Family Setup is not in Australia, but not because of Telstra, but because it hasn’t been launched by Apple...yet. It is coming soon. Dec 8 to be exact. 

UPDATE Dec 1:  Family Setup on Apple Watch is coming to Australia

Apparently, once launched it should be available with supported Australian carriers which will be listed on the launch date.  Please note that first line Telstra staff (store, chat, phone) I talked with knew nothing, and neither did Apple Support., so perhaps don’t waste your time.  When I called Apple, I had to have it escalated to a supervisor for confirmation.


There’s definitely a breakdown in corporate communication all around on this one.

I’m waiting till next week and checking on the status, if Telstra isn’t onboard, I’ll head to Optus because they have the cheapest SIM only plans with unlimited talk/text (till Jan31 anyway).

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Re: PSA: The latest on Apple iOS iPhone + Apple Watch + Family Setup.

PSA #2:

Apple launch has happened; Telstra hasn’t.


No Telstra date available at the this point.  Phone agent after escalation and checking just recommended that I keep an eye on

Truphone has an option for $9.99 month or $99.99 per annum.  Tried out the trial on a reset Apple Watch and it all 
worked a treat.  Total setup took about 20 minutes.

Sorry Telstra, I’ve got 4 mobiles, 3 devices, home broadband and phone with you, but my 9 year old can’t wait. Truphone here I come.

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