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Re: apple watch - one number telstra- canot get connected

this has been a common thread for more than two years. 

We have just upgraded our watches (Apple Watch 6 and Samsung Watch 3 from our older watches that have been connected to One Number (we are paying $5 per month per watch for the One number service) Now we cannot get Telstra to remove the old devices and add the new ones. The online Self Help Dashboard keep returning a 404 Page not found error when we try to select "Manage my extras" 

We have been on the phone and chat with Telstra for 2 days and getting nowhere. (We are so called Gold customers LOL)


I have a horrible feeling that we have bought expensive LTE watches and the LTE functionality is going to be useless to us. Telstra clearly dont know how to fix this and they are still charging us for the One number service


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Level 18: Intelligence Chief

Re: apple watch - one number telstra- canot get connected

Could you please start a new thread regarding your particular issues.

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