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Redeem Rewards

Hi, I’m trying to redeem points for offers In the rewards store which I’m entitled to, but whenever I click “verify and redeem” it takes me to verification unsuccessful. I have verified everything and it says to sign out and in which I do but it takes me back to my telstra and I’m literally going in circles with this. 

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Redeem Rewards

Hi @Christina_G that's no good, are you using browser, or the Telstra App? Do you get the same error when trying both? 


Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and refresh. It may also help to refresh your Telstra ID. Start by uninstalling the My Telstra App. Using specifically your account number (not service number or email), click on recover username here.


Once you have that, reset your password from the same link. Then reinstall the My Telstra App, and login with your refreshed details and see if you still have those issues.


If you have not yet set up Multi-factor Authentication this may also help with this type of verification error.


If you are still having troubles we can escalate that for you under Get Help>Messaging so our My Account team can take a closer look for you.

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