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Renewing contract/phone

I have several phones on our account - one of them (an iPhoneXS max (512) is listed in the MyTelstra App has having paid 24 of 24 payments to complete to MRO. This was actually a recontract under a new phone feeling, and was effectively a bundled phone as it was on the Ultimate $199 PLAN. 


I went to renew the contract and get a new handset.


firstly, it would appear that even though Telstra has separate plans and MROs (Phone payments), I cannot remain on the existing plan, and go for a new phone (unless buying outright).


So, want to move it to a. Iphone12 Pro Max 512GB, and a medium plan.  CSR #1 tells me that will cost an early termination fee. Not a lot but it's the principle (remember them, Telstra).  I also recall, and have used in the past an ETC Waiver in the last month or two of a contract. It turns out that this phone's contract end on 8 Jan 2021. - under 3 weeks.  I lose the connection, because, you know - telco....


Call Back, get CSR  Number 2 - explain everything again, point out that according to their app I have made all of the necessary payments to honour the contract - I also point out that I have been told repeatedly that there are ETC waivers in the last month, and then point out that we are inside that last month. He gets confused and has to refer to "back office", promises to get back to me, and doesn't. I call back, and get a woman - explain the whole thing again, and again, she needs to talk to back office, and promises to call me straight back. Well, a day goes by, and nothing.  So, I call again, and get CSR #1 again.  Given that I seem to know more about telstra's products than he does, that's a wasted call.


Why is it they say one thing and do another.


So, I call the Call Centre in the Phillipines or wherever,

Old IT/Comms curmudgeon - did tech support for Alcatel System 12 Exchanges in my day - designed a bunch of stuff for Optus.

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