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Series 6 one number issues

I have one Telstra account with two mobile services

- mine, with a mobile + series 6 Apple Watch with Telstra one number. I seem to be the account “owner” 


- my wife’s mobile service. 

We are trying to add her new Apple Watch series 6 to Telstra One number. When we entered her login details, it said she want the account owner to couldn’t enable it. So we entered my login details. It accepted it, but now has been stuck on “activating” for 13 hours.


The mobile chat support has been no help.


Can anyone please assist? We’ve already tried turning both phone and watch on and off, resetting network settings, and doing a factory reset of the watch.

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Re: Series 6 one number issues

I am having a very similar issue - I got a Apple Watch series 6 as my Christmas present yesterday. Set it up at 8am Christmas morning and it said it was “activating” ... remained this way until this morning (Boxing Day). Reset it and tried to set it up again and now it comes up with an system error on Telstra’s end. I’ve called the 132200 and been to two Telstra stores today - no one seems to be able to fix it. Incredibly frustrating Smiley Sad

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Re: Series 6 one number issues

Hey mate,


Yes, it is very annoying! 

I got this fixed through the Telstra chat. They activated “Telstra One Number” manually for my wife’s mobile service.


My guess is that they will need to turn yours off and on again.


Hope you manage to resolve this

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