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Stop #staysafe from scrolling

I just switched back to Telstra after 20 years with Optus and the scrolling of Telstra#staysafe (what a goddam stupid, let alone unapproved advertising campaign on my own device - how dare they) is annoying and I want it OFF MY PHONE.

I have the right to see the 3G & 4G symbols to see how bad the signal is at my home 100km from the CBD of Sydney. 

Someone please find me the details of whom I contact to have this advertising infringement on my phone STOPPED. Cheers COO00R 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Stop #staysafe from scrolling

What are they advertising?


Maybe contact Apple support and ask them how to disable the display of the network name.


Or, you could always get an Android phone. They don't feel the need to show the network name 24/7, just that you are connected.



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Re: Stop #staysafe from scrolling

I agree this is sh*t, first 60 seconds on TLS and its like "wtf is this bs"...

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