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Telstra app

Help required. Open the Telstra app and nothing loads except some lines, cannot access any of the app

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra app

There have been a few reports of this from people using Apple devices.


Send an email (preferably with your contact details, screenshot of the problem, version # of the app, phone model & firmware version and when it started occurring) to so that the developers can look into the problem.

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Re: Telstra app

Send an email to who?

What address?

I am having the same issue

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Re: Telstra app

I have the same issue, since the update this week. iPhone 12Pro current OS, I spent most of the day yesterday and today with Telstra but no result. 


Silly question but surely it was tested on the current Apple Phone prior to being release? 


Ps, the feedback form on the Telstra page also does not work from the phone either and crashes when attaching a image. So you have to find a PC. 

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Re: Telstra app

Same thing for me i even uninstalled it and reinstalled but that didn’t fix it also happening on my ipad that has the latest update seriously the people who are in charge of updating the app, how could you possibly **bleep** up so badly 😡

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Re: Telstra app

Same. Have not been able to use it reliably for months now, but seriously, who has the time to resolve Telstra’s problems for them?

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