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Telstra have sent my new Iphone Pro 12 to the wrong address and won't fix it. Can you guys help?

After much wasted time in investigating why I haven't received my iPhone 12 Pro it seems that Telstra had it sent to the wrong address. I have attached my confirmation email of the order as well as all my details. The confirmation email states my correct address of XXXXXX whereas the device was sent to xxxxxxxxxxx Rd. This error has been admitted to by Joyce from your customer support team. Unfortunately, I have only been given the option of cancelling the order and then reordering the device. Which is a problem, as the device is now on backorder and won't be delivered for 4-6 weeks. The reason why I ordered a new phone was because I needed a new one. I use my phone almost exclusively for my employment and it has seen better days. I do not feel that it is satisfactory for Telstra to make a massive error and then to have the repercussions of that error fall to me. There has been no serious attempt to make this right and after nearly a decade of continuously being a customer of yours. I don't want anything extra, I just want a new phone like I ordered without having to wait at the back of the line when the mistake was not mine. Please help me get this sorted out so I don't have to wait when I absolutely shouldn't have. I would really appreciate it.

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