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Telstra one on iwatch6

Because no one at Telstra can solve my issue. I am going to go Karen down at Claremont and 'talk to the manager' about HOW USELESS AND INEPT they are at resolving issues of paring the iPhone with the iWatch. 



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Re: Telstra one on iwatch6

Oh I really hope you got this fixed. We have just spent two days being given the runaround by Telstra. We had one number with our older watches and same phones. We have successfully cancelled the One Number subscriptions for these and now need to activate two new subscriptions for our phones for the new watches. (You cant just replace one watch with another on the same One Number subscription) We have just lost two days of our lives we will never get back and Telstra support is total lay hopeless. The aks you to wait a minute and then never come back for ages and then ask you some stupid question like what is your name again. After a fe hours they pass you on to someone else.  What a waste.  Next step Ombdusman and change to another provider.

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