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Telstra OneNumber not Activating (also can't get eSIM to work)

Shortly after the release of the Apple Watch 3, I was involved in the original OneNumber for Enterprise Trial.  As part of this trial I was able to connect my Apple Watch to my corporate account.  The trial appeared to have ended without warning about 12 months ago, and as a result, I could no longer activate OneNumber on my Apple Watch (despite the activation process saying OneNumber was activated on my profile).


Deciding finally that I wanted my Apple Watch using Mobile Network again, I recently ported my corporate number over to a personal plan and even purchased a new phone in the hope that it would resolve things.  In short, it didn't, I still get exactly the same error.  Additionally, I can not get an eSIM to work on my new iPhone 12 Pro Max (the eSIM gets no signal - SOS only).


Can I please beg someone to have a look into my SIM profile, and remove any OneNumber and eSIM activations so I can try and re-activate them again?  I have spent the last two days on the chat and I can no longer answer the same questions over and over to Level 1 Support (The reference number is INC13086050).


I have attached below the error messages I have been having for the past 12 months.  Note in the screen shots below, in the 'My Telstra' app, One Number is not activated, however in the activation screenshots it says 'Telstra OneNumber Active'.


My Telstra App - Mobile Summary Extras - Telstra One Number NOT ActivatedEnrolling from Apple Watch appEnrolling from Apple Watch appEnrolling from Apple Watch app

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Re: Telstra OneNumber not Activating (also can't get eSIM to work)

Good afternoon,

I need to explain that no one here has account access as we are mainly customers like you. Crowd Support is not Telstra customer service.

I am well aware of Enterprise dealers, if that is who started you off with an e sim as you mentioned an Enterprise business trial.

You may be best to contact them to assist you, if they were involved with you at the time.

Otherwise, you can try a Telstra store, preferably a Telstra owned and operated store as you stated your frustration with the chat service.

You can distinguish the Telstra franchised stores from the Telstra owned and operated stores as they have an 1800 xxx xxx phone number. The franchised stores have regular phone numbers.


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I'm not a Telstra employee.
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Re: Telstra OneNumber not Activating (also can't get eSIM to work)

Thanks ProfessorPhone - I am aware that Telstra crowd support is exactly as it states in the title, however there is the odd Telstra moderator that has historically come to the rescue for people like myself that have system problems especially around issues like the one l am experiencing. I am hoping to get lucky.  Case in point: https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/apple-ios/apple-watch-and-telstra-one-number-not-working/td-p...


As I am no longer an enterprise customer, this avenue is closed to me.


Living in regional Australia, all of the stores within 200 kilometres of me are Telstra franchised stores, and while they are extremely friendly and helpful, they lack the tooling to be able to get under the hood of the issue. 


Working on the chat, I am repeatedly being asked the same questions over and over, and they have no ability to capture screenshots in the app and cannot access systems outside of Telstra to view screenshots posted elsewhere.  As this platform is accessible to them, I decided to take advantage of it to use it to outline my issue and and deliver screenshots to them.  


Given the huge labyrinth that Telstra is, sometimes you need to use unconventional means to get noticed. 

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