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Telstra response

Hello, I sent an email to a local Telstra shop, attention store managers name, asking if I can purchase a more expensive product than the 1 week old product I've purchased which they have had to send for repairs.  No response received after 3 days.  Is the company customer service policy so weak that they can't be bothered sending a courtesy message to say they have at least received my message and are looking into it or don't they care is or is about the fact they have my $2,000 so screw customer service, they don't need the additional $300 to upgrade to the next product ..... anyone else had this issue? 

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Re: Telstra response

or do I just wait for them to get back to me?  Apparently it could take up to 2 weeks for my product to be repaired and returned to me, I don't want it repaired/returned, I want o purchase a better product.  Frustrating!

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