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Unable to call/text/access internet

I have been unable to make phone calls, send texts or access the internet on my phone or my husband's.  We are on the same account and obviously there is some bar on the account even though it is fully paid.  I have tried several times to get Telstra to respond but the automatic messager keeps telling me to call an overseas number.  One I can't make phone calls & two I'm not overseas!!!


Can someone please assist?  We need to access our phones as my MIL is currently unwell & this is the only way we can be contacted in an emergency

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unable to call/text/access internet

The number you are being asked to call should be +61 439 125 109, which is an Australian number (0439 125 109).


Go to and it will run you through some troubleshooting, account checks and automated network checks to try and get you up and running. It can be run from a PC.


You could also try changing the APN on your phone too telstra.iph but that  would only help with data.


It sounds like an account level issue given that both phones aren't working.

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