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upgrade and now have message bank

I did not have a choice with Telstra, they upgraded my plan and now l have been give the message bank.  First they tell me to try either  ##002# or #002#. Neither of these worked. Then they tell me it can't be disabled because it is a default and there are no options to cancel it. Well, that's great. My only option is to go with another carrier even though l have been with Telstra for 30 years plus.

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: upgrade and now have message bank

What is the actual problem with having MessageBank?.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: upgrade and now have message bank

Hey Arivalchick,


Did you happen to have any reference numbers from when you spoke to the team in regards to this? Can you also please let me know which plan/device you upgraded to?


- Lisa

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