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Used iPhone 3gs - no service



I have bought my bosses post paid Telstra iPhone 3gs because he purchased a new iPhone4S.

I thought if I using a post paid Telstra SIM it's gonna work, but not. It says no service.

I went through the activation process 12 hours ago.


Any help?



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Re: Used iPhone 3gs - no service

try Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings to reload the carrier profile

if no go then do a hard reset also, press power and home together until the Apple logo shows (about 10 seconds or so) and the phone restarts

also try the SIM in another handset to confirm the account is up and running
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Re: Used iPhone 3gs - no service

Thanks Jokiin!


I did both, but still no luck.  I will try the SIM in another mobile.

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Re: Used iPhone 3gs - no service

you can also DO Whats called a LOCK OUT AS APPLE REFFERS TO IT settings Genreal Reset Rest all Settings this will however delete everything off the Phone or Goto telstra do a sim swap
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Re: Used iPhone 3gs - no service

hi there try turning off your 3g..
always leave iphone for atleast 3-5 mins to switch over.
if you pick up 2g settings then to fix your 3g settings
go to settings.. if resetting network settings will not work,which is the logical thing other than rebooting iphone.
telstra APN for prepaid it telstra.internet.
telstra.iph will NOT WORK
APN settings are in general- network- celluar data network
APN either telstra.iph or telstra.internet or telstra.wap
REMEMBER ALSO telstra.internet is commonly used for PREPAID TELSTRA
hope this helps

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