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What can I do when the store person didnt tell me about iphone 6+ is none blue tick?

Hi There,


I got my iphone6+ from Telstra store end of Sep.

There was no one told me before I sign this two years contract.

That I phone6+ is none blue tick.


I found out after using this handset for almost a month.

The net work is only working fantastic when I am in the SYDNEY CITY CBD.

What a joke?!?

I am living in parramatta area.

it only has 4G network when i am lucky....lol

Most of time its only with 3G on the network.


My hubby is using LG with Vaya (optus network).

He got 4G network on his mobile most of time.


What can i do?

I dont think its worth for me to pay $91 every month for this crap service.

And the store person didnt tell me about it as well.


Very Disppoint!




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Re: What can I do when the store person didnt tell me about iphone 6+ is none blue tick?

In Metro areas the requirement for people to take up Blue Tick phones is less commonly an issue, and generally in the store Blue Tick compatible devices have the Blue Tick logo so you can see which devices are compatible. 


Telstra are extending their 4G coverage area, and with the start of the 4GX rollout this will only increase and become more solid and theoretically lead to better coverage and better speeds. 


As far as the phone goes, if you feel the store consultant provided you a poor experience you can try and contact the store manager (by phone, or in person) and see if they can assist with a resolution, or speak to the Mobile Assurance team, however if you are constantly getting 3G/NextG connection, there is a likelyhood they will not be able to do much to assist. 

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Re: What can I do when the store person didnt tell me about iphone 6+ is none blue tick?

I get a fair amount of 4G in Parra with a Lumia 920, am about to upgrade to a lumia 830 which is 4GX compliant and runs on the 700 mhz band, which should equal a significant increase in coverage and speed.  


Your iPhone 6+ is 4GX compliant as well, so by early next year you shold start to see an improvement. 


I don't rate Optus 4G at all, though Vodafone's 4G, when you can get it is blistering. I stay with Telstra for 4GX and the fact that Telstra 3G/NextG is a million times better than Vodafone or Optus 3G. So if you have to drop out of 4G coverage, you are better off droping down to NextG. 

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